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Corporate Profile: Message from President

In year 1988, HPC Venezuela, C.A., started operations. Amid the increasing industrialization and globalization, the company's role has become even larger. In today's world, HPC Venezuela C.A. achieves further growth by looking back to its origins and impressing anew on the heart and mind of each.

From a number of perspectives, HPC Venezuela, C.A. is an enterprise with high potential. On the basis of this potential, by combining the skills and expertise of our employees, there is no doubt that we can lead the world in the creation of new value as well as deliver the top quality to our customers. Through providing the optimal solution to problems faced by customers and society.

HPC Venezuela, C.A. includes many business, and many technologies, products and solution technologies. The major lines of business are in the five areas of the Social Infrastructure & Industrial Machinery Systems, mechatronics, industrial plant systems, air conditioning systems and energy systems, which the constituent companies have had in abundance. We have much experience on construction work- installation, electrical work, piping work, ducting work, etc – for hydropower plant, thermal power plant, steel making plant and industrial plants.

We will collaborate to offer to our customers total solutions in the field of the public and municipal/industrial infrastructures. HPC Venezuela, C.A. has sought to discover potential needs and develop technologies and products to solve problems through close communication with customers. The company will continue making steady progress toward its goal of meeting customer’s expectations by offering new and innovative value based on our core technology.

HPC Venezuela, C.A.  will positively perform our corporate social responsibility in terms of compliance, environment, safety, quality and protection of human rights. We also seek to realize a better society as a corporate citizen by practicing sales activities with due consideration for CSR.

The company will continue to offer values that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers and society.

HPC Venezuela, C.A.

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